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Bibles For China

A Ministry of "Bibles For Russia"

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In China, most Christians have no Bible to call their own.  This ministry will be dedicated to help fill that need.  It is against Chinese law for Christians to own their own Bible, meet together for a Bible study or prayer meeting, or to share their faith.  Yet they pray daily for God to send them a copy of His word.  We can do something about that - with your help.

Bibles For China


     Bibles For China is a ministry that was originally started just a little over ten years ago by David McCroskey, son of Alfred and Jean McCroskey.  David was at that time working in the offices of Bibles For Russia and believes God was placing a burden on his heart for the Chinese people.  Alfred and Jean prayed with their son and in 1994 two trips were taken to China and thousands of Bibles delivered into the hands of Chinese Christians as a result.  

Our brothers and sisters urgently need Bibles.

     Two more trips were taken in 1997 and again thousands of Bibles were transported into China.  While on the last trip in 1997 God gave David a vision of how the Bibles would flow into China in the future.   In the year 1997 China took control of Hong Kong thus making it harder for Bible couriers to meet there and then take God's Word to the mainland.  In those four trips into China over 36,000 Bibles were distributed to underground house churches.  It took from 15 to 20 people per trip to accomplish the task at a cost of $2,500.00 each.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is not a very cost effective way to get Bibles into China.  If you also look at the fact that the rate of Christian growth in China is from 25,000 to 35,000 per day, we didn't even begin to make a difference with only 36,000 Bibles in four trips over a four year period.

Chinese New Year painting - see belowChinese New Year painting - see belowChinese New Year painting - see below

Since 1997 God has been working in many ways and the vision that God gave David has already started to come true.  Instead of his going into China (which could realistically be only twice a year) God has set in place a group of men who have the ability to go into China on a daily basis if they only have the Bibles to take.  That's how this ministry will fill the need.  "Bibles For China" is raising money to purchase the Bibles to be taken by couriers God has already set in place.  If you are interested in being a part of this ministry and want to bless a Chinese Christian with a Bible, please contact us today;

"Bibles For China" is a ministry of Bibles For Russia.  All checks for donations are to be made payable to:

Bibles For Russia, Inc.

P.O. Box 69 

Florence, AL  35631 

(256) 718-3660

email - 





When asked what we know and what we are doing for Christians in China, I sent the following reply.

Perhaps it will answer some of your questions also. A. Mc.


Dear brother,

I am no expert but know enough to want to be involved in helping the Christians in China and how to do it.

There are at least 130,000,000 real, honest-to-God Christians in the house church movement. One hundred thousand of them are committed to be missionaries to the 20-plus nations between Beijing and Jerusalem. Many have already left home. Some have already been imprisoned or killed. Most of the people in those countries are Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu.

The churches themselves are very much involved in evangelism with a total of 25,000 to 35,000 new converts daily; every day, all year long. Experts are predicting that within the next 20 to 25 years there will be so many believers in China it will change the entire society including the government. Persecution is still a problem but there is a limit to how many people you can put in jail.

Amity Press is sponsored by the government and prints about 3,000,000 Bibles annually. The problem: a person must register with the authorities to get one. With 13,000,000 new believers, that leaves a shortage of 10,000,000 annually. That’s why we and others still smuggle.

How? Some fly from America to China to smuggle in one suitcase of Bibles. That’s good but very costly. We have Russians who smuggle a car load at a time at one-tenth the cost; ten car loads versus one suitcase. The one is more educational and exciting. The other goes a lot further in getting the job done. That’s what we do.

Your contributions will help new believers who do not have a Bible receive one.  They in turn will share the faith with family and friends.

Thanks for your concern, prayers and financial help.

 For Christ and for China,

 Alfred McCroskey +





While a U.S. Marine, stationed in Washington D.C. I made the acquaintance of numerous university students from China, most of whom were Christians. I also met U.S. citizens of several generations who were of Chinese ancestry, and I was impressed by the people, their nation, culture, and history. 

That was in the year 1960. For almost half a century, I have continued being drawn to China; especially because of what God is doing in the churches there. I’ve also learned to like Chinese cuisine and to eat it properly with chop sticks. Some of my reading since then has been concerning China and in particular, about Christianity in that far away, ancient and mysterious land.  

My interest, and my Lord, led me to a ministry with students from many nations of the world, but the Chinese were always my favorites. My wife and I had the marvelous opportunity of starting a Bible study for Chinese university students that a few years later became the first Chinese Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Many years later, my interest and burden for China has never abated. The Lord even gave me opportunity to travel in China with my son David and we were not tourists; we were Bible smugglers. Praise God. 

Many years later, when preaching in Siberia I believed God was leading me to challenge the Russian pastors who were present to consider missions work into China. A year later, some of them approached me with, “We want to hear more about China.” Several of them have answered God’s call to take God’s Word to the most populous nation in the world which forbids distribution of the Bible anywhere outside of communist controlled churches. That same government also exercises some of the most vicious and cruel persecution against Christians anywhere. Since the beginning of the past century, more believers have been martyred for the faith in China than in all other nations combined. 

Sergei (not his real name.) had the greatest burden. He taught himself the Chinese language and began, smuggling larger numbers of Bibles than we could ever think of. We had suitcases; he had a car.

Our strategy changed. Sergei and others, could go to China ten times for what it cost David or myself to go once. He could take at least ten times as many Bibles as we. He could also speak the language and we could not. We determined to never return, but to send our Russian friends in our place.

The story unfolds in a way that only God could have engineered. Russian tree farmers give timber to a company run by Christians who turn trees into paper. They, in turn, give paper to a sympathetic business man who prints Chinese Bibles. He donates Bibles to truckers who are believers, who deliver them to some of our, “contacts.” Thus far, neither we nor the Russian pastors and evangelists have spent one dollar. Amazing!

Traveling long distances by car, however, does cost money: gas, car repairs, food, lodging, customs fees, visas, phone calls, etc. On average, a whole Bible can be hand delivered to a new convert in China for only $1.00 each. It has been done for as little as 60 cents each.

Friends and partners send dollars to Bibles For Russia, Inc. (parent organization of BFC). We get the money into the right hands, and Bibles are delivered. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ functioning to accomplish a feat some people would call impossible. Will you join the team?


Alfred McCroskey

Bibles for Russia/Bibles for China

P.O Box 69

Florence, Alabama 35631


To read the Bible in the Chinese language click on one of the links below:

Union Version (GB)     Union Version (Big5)     Interlinear

To download the Bible in English or Chinese click here

During Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), it is traditional to decorate homes with many New Year Graphics.  The best of which are from Yangliuqing , whose paintings were first produced between 1573 and 1620.



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